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USATestprep? USATestPrep is a test preparation tool designed to support teachers in the classroom by providing curriculum resources and personalized learning for K12 schools. With features such as district reporting, custom assessments, performance monitoring, instructional resources, test prep questions, and more, USATestPrep acts as a classroom assistant to aid teachers with improving student performance to state and national standards.

Developed specifically for teachers, USATestPrep is designed to facilitate self-directed study both in the classroom and at home, whilst helping teachers to track student progress and performance. To help teachers gain insight into each student’s performance, USATestPrep allows users to create custom benchmark tests and assessments, and teachers, department heads, and district administrators can use the gathered data to carry out a detailed analysis of individual students, classes, or districts.

State-aligned instructional resources are built in to the USATestPrep user interface including a video vault with comprehension questions, games, vocab worksheets, interactive puzzles, vocab flashcards, printable worksheets, and more, and a class scoreboard aims to encourage participation and enhance motivation. More targeted test prep assessments are also available within the learning suite with a practice question repository of over 150,000 test questions which can be combined to generate custom quizzes and assessments.

Performance can be measured within USATestPrep’s student performance tracking tools such as progress reports, a data-grid view to pinpoint strengths and weaknesses, custom learning pathways with scheduled assessments, and more.

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