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Year-round, 360 degree feedback for teams

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Year-round, 360 degree feedback for teams
Tilt 365 Positive Influence Predictor? Tilt 365 is a 360 degree feedback solution that uses strengths-based assessments to focus on personality awareness and development to create emotional intelligence and positive influence for improved team dynamics. The platform serves high growth enterprise organizations across a variety of verticals, and is specialized for teams and team leaders that need to shape and align strong team culture to perform.

Tilt 365’s Positive Influence Predictor is 360-feedback tool that enables users to track their behavioral habits and manage evolution by monitoring their ‘Current Tilt’ in real time. The solution provides a user-driven dashboard experience that is different from conventional “static” assessments. Users can track all changes from observer feedback 365 days a year to understand how to take charge of their identity development with repeatable feedback.

The True Tilt Profile consists of a one-time self-assessment that helps individuals discover their natural Tilt preference and personality tendencies. Users can uncover their natural strengths and follow a path for development to ultimately become more creative, productive and self-aware. Tilt’s Team Climate Profile feature compiles the team’s individual results on a validated visual framework, acting as the base for leadership strategy and team culture change.

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