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Worship presentation software

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Worship presentation software
ZionWorx? ZionWorx is a worship presentation software for Windows, which allows churches to create, schedule, and present services with songs, Bible passages, images, videos, PowerPoint slides, and more. The system supports song import from external sources, popup alerts, and drag-and-drop song arrangements.

With ZionWorx, churches can insert any image, audio or video file into their service without requiring any additional installations. Songs can be imported from other presentation software or CCLI files, and users can create and customize named song arrangements through the drag-and-drop interface. Integration with BibleGateway provides users with access to a range of Bibles, allowing users to select passages to be added to their service playlist.

ZionWorx includes adaptive text layout, which is designed to optimize text display across any screen resolution. Alongside playlist packaging, which transports full presentations including media between computers, this feature supports users preparing presentations outside of the church. ZionWorx also allows users to export all song usage information in a specified date range, streamlining the preparation of annual CCLI reports.

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