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Workforce Manager - Leading people, growing businesses

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Workforce Manager – Leading people, growing businesses
Vultus Connect? Vultus Connect is a cloud-based workforce management solution, which helps businesses in human resources, immigration, accounting and staffing sectors to automate processes related to payroll, compliance, accounting, invoicing, on-boarding and more. It provides a unified repository to store important employee and vendor documents for future reference.

Vultus Connect is an all-around Workforce Management solution that establishes a true employee-employer relationship. With features that include accurate timesheet process, timely auto-generated invoices, worry-free compliance, end-to-end accounting, enhanced client relationships, employee engagement, improved cash flows, financial tracking, free automated PAF and easy-to-use ticketing, you will never run out of options to fulfil your requirements.

Vultus Connect lets firms monitor employees’ immigration details and work authorization documents, ensuring compliance with government regulations. Integration with QuickBooks allows firms to generate white-label invoices individually or in batches, minimizing billing errors and establishing brand visibility. Vultus Connect calculates staff revenue and generates payroll reports based on employee performance, in order to help improve workforce efficiency.

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