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Workforce management, planning, and scheduling software

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Workforce management, planning, and scheduling software
Quinyx? Quinyx is a cloud-based workforce management software which includes tools for employee scheduling, time and attendance tracking, task management, absence reporting, leave management, pay calculations, and more. The system offers solutions for call centers, hotels, restaurants, and supermarkets, and businesses in the retail, fitness, construction, and healthcare industries.

Quinyx includes an organization chart, which gives users an overview of all employees, and users can access details of employee skills and experience, allowing for skill-based scheduling. Schedules can be generated for single departments or the whole company at once, and full yearly schedules can be produced for all employees. Historical sales figures and current forecasts can be used to optimize schedules, and Quinyx automatically checks for any compliance issues with employee contracts or working time directives.

Quinyx gives users an overview of all time worked by employees, with hours automatically reported by the in-built location-tracking time clock or tablet-based workplace time clock integrations. Leave requests can also be submitted and approved, with transparent approval processed for managers and employees. Pay is calculated and salary files are generated automatically for use in payroll, and employees and managers are automatically notified of any missing approvals at the end of payroll periods.

Quinyx includes a mobile app for employees, which allows employees to view their schedules, book or swap shifts, request leave, send and receive mails and notifications, view company news posts, and punch in and out with the built-in time clock.

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