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Workforce engagement through gamification

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Workforce engagement through gamification
Arcade? Arcade is a cloud-based employee engagement platform which utilizes a range of gamification techniques to motivate employees, in addition to communication and collaboration tools including 1-on-1 and group chats, team huddles, activity tracking, social feeds, peer-to-peer recognition, surveys, and more. Native apps for Android and iOS, in addition to the web app, allow users to engage from any device at any time.

Arcade allows users to track whichever metrics matter to their business, with goals set for everyone on the team. Multiple game types are offered, with races rewarding the first employee to hit a target, tournaments to reward the first, second, and third place team members, and bounties which reward all players who achieve their target before time runs out. PowerHours reward any sales, or other target metrics, above a given threshold made within a specified hour. A Weekly Superstar Game also rewards the user who has been given the most Recognition Stars throughout the week. Tokens awarded in Arcade can be redeemed for real rewards through the rewards center, and employees can also receive badges, chests, and experience points (XP) for completing quests or winning challenges.

Users can communicate with one another through Arcade, with built-in 1-on-1 and group chat functionality, team huddles, social feeds, and announcements. Files can be uploaded and sent through chats, and content can be moderated by administrators. Custom surveys can be created to collect team feedback, and users can produce sales training and launch quizzes to test employee knowledge.

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