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Web-based project time tracking solution for teams

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Web-based project time tracking solution for teams
Timepot? Timepot is a web-based employee time tracking platform that helps small and midsize businesses estimate project costs and time. The solution is used by design agencies, software houses, and independent users including architects and lawyers to track the total time spent by employees on various projects, and bill clients accordingly. The application can currently be accessed on Windows and Linux platform and helps to log time and identify organization-wide bottlenecks.

Timepot provides vacation and leave tracking features that allow project managers as well as team members to mark their days off in a yearly calendar. The software automatically calculates overall leave and makes teams aware of the vacation plans of other project members. Users can log their time via the Timepot dashboard, where managers can also view how much time has been spent by each individual on any given task.

Users can search, browse, and filter worksheet data to view only the relevant records. Timepot provides managers with insights that help them identify under-performing teams and processes, so that timely action can be taken to improve productivity and profits. The solution also provides multiple reports that deliver financial insights on the entire business. These reports help to track the income and expenses of each project and business development activity.

Additional features offered by Timepot include overtime calculation, automatic time capture, an employee database, and billable hours calculation. The solution also provides REST APIs that can be used by all registered users of the application.

A full-feature 30-day free trial is available.

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