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Web-based church management software

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Web-based church management software
Church Community Builder? Church Community Builder is a cloud-based church management software with a focus on increasing connection and communication between church members.

Church Community Builder offers a drag-and-drop form creation feature, allowing users to create forms for different purposes, including event registration, donation collection, member surveys, and more. There are multiple answer format options, such as radio buttons, checkboxes, drop-down menus, and scales and priority lists. Inbuilt automations can be used to add respondents to groups, positions, events, or process queues, and these can be further specified based on an individual’s response to questions on the form.

Church Community Builder’s dashboards reveal short-term and long-term trends in metrics such as attendance, volunteering, and donations. Shareable event summaries include attendance numbers, event topics, general notes, prayer requests, details of new visitors, and more. Users can create, share and save their own custom reports, or use those included with Church Community Builder.

Church Community Builder assists users with volunteer scheduling, with its drag-and-drop interface allowing users to copy volunteers between weeks, send requests for positions that need to be filled, email volunteers with opportunities, or directly place them into open positions. Users can view all volunteer and event schedules to see how frequently individuals are serving, and volunteers are automatically reminded of their commitments by Church Community Builder.

Church Community Builder includes a touchscreen-compatible check-in feature, with an iPad check-in app available, enabling users to view room rosters, track attendance in real time, print name badges and labels, use barcode scanners for check-in, and more. It also supports text message paging, allowing parents to be contacted quickly if there are any problems.

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