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Visitor, student, & volunteer management software

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Visitor, student, & volunteer management software
KeepnTrack? KeepnTrack is a visitor, student, and volunteer management software that provides organizations with the ability to efficiently manage visitors, volunteers, staff, students, and vendors from a single portal. The platform helps increase the safety and security of schools and students, as well as hospitals, retirement homes, summer camps, events, and more.

KeepnTrack’s visitor management module serves schools and organizations by identifying, verifying, and recording the individuals that visit the facility. Administrators can effectively monitor traffic through schools, with the automated sign-in system that instantly checks against multiple federal sex offender registries. Staff is discreetly notified if any issue arises, and approved visitors receive a name badge printed with their photo and purpose of visit.

KeepnTrack’s volunteer management module screens, processes, and manages all volunteers from a centralized location. Volunteers can register via mobile device with the custom online application form. Users can run a criminal background check (CBC) directly via the platform to mitigate any potential adverse situations. Users can keep track of records with quick reports that are compliant with any state-mandated protocols. First-time visitors must scan their driver’s license or state-issued ID to be granted access.

KeepnTrack’s student management module features a sign-in, sign-out system with digital time-stamping that accurately logs all facility and visitor information. Only pre-approved parents and guardians are authorized to sign students in and out. Mobile texts and email alerts notify individuals whenever their child has been signed out. All activity can be recorded and imported into KeepnTrack’s student information system (SIS).

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