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Top-of-the-funnel pre-employment candidate assessment

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Top-of-the-funnel pre-employment candidate assessment
Plum? Plum is a cloud-based pre-employment assessment solution which assesses candidates on their problem solving abilities, behavior and attitude, and social intelligence. Hiring managers select the most important qualities required for each role through a short role analysis survey, and Plum uses its inbuilt algorithm to calculate a role match score for each applicant based on their assessment responses and the output of the role analysis.

Plum’s Problem Solving assessment evaluates candidates’ capacity for logical thinking and their ability to solve new problems, using questions which require candidates to identify relationships and patterns. The test is designed to estimate each candidate’s ability to acquire new knowledge and solve work-related problems. The Personality Inventory test assesses 10 character qualities – assertiveness, compassion, openness, politeness, enthusiasm, self-regard, stability, orderliness, intellectance, and industriousness – designed to provide a comprehensive analysis of the most important temperament, traits, and dispositions of candidates. The test was developed with a forced-choice methodology, preventing candidates from increasing scores for all traits by falsely reporting their character traits.

Plum’s Social Intelligence test evaluates candidates’ individual differences in understanding social cues and their ability to anticipate the impact that different actions may have on the feelings and impressions of others. In the assessment, work situations are presented and candidates are asked to select the most and least effective courses of action that could be taken in response to the problem from several different options. Scores for the three sections are calculated in percentiles and color-coded, with darker colors representing more exceptional scores. Users can create and apply thresholds and filters to identify optimal candidates, and results are accompanied by short descriptions of the significance of the score. Candidates can then be shortlisted and interviewed using the provided structured behavioral interview questions.

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