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Time management for teams of knowledge workers

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Time management for teams of knowledge workers
RescueTime? RescueTime is a time management and analytics tool that enables knowledge workers to better understand their daily habits, helping them become more efficient and productive with their work. The solution unobtrusively tracks time spent on different applications, documents, and websites, giving users an accurate picture of their day with detailed reports based on their activity.

RescueTime helps teams work smarter by allowing them to understand where time is spent while they work. Users can improve their productivity by setting goals to them help stay focused and keep on track of work. Users can also set alarms to notify them when a certain activity has taken up more time than allotted.

Progress can be viewed and monitored via the dashboard, including detailed reports that show the amount of time spent on specific websites, documents and applications. Additional reports show the duration of time dedicated to different categories, the user’s productivity levels, and whether set goals have been achieved for the day. A weekly email report summarizes all activities and includes a productivity score.

Activities are grouped automatically into predefined categories along with built-in productivity scores that cover a large volume of websites and applications. Users can also customize categories and productivity scores to meet specific needs. Additional features allow individuals to block distracting websites for periods of time, as well as track offline activity such as for meetings, calls, and even a morning commute.

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