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Time clock for clocking employees in & out

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Time clock for clocking employees in & out
IDEAblox? IDEAblox is an employee time clock solution for small business owners looking to calculate payroll efficiently. Users are able to clock employees in and out with a single click, as well as see instant payroll reports. The web based time clock app replaces the physical time clock to track hourly employees, helping to eliminate potentially expensive errors with time cards.

Employees must log in with a password to clock in, with optional IP tracking for added security. Clock in & outs are always accurate, and cannot be modified without the administrator’s approval. Payroll reports allow managers to see total hours for various pay periods or date ranges, with all regular and overtime hours calculated automatically.

IDEAblox allows users to track and manage all employee time offs and accruals by setting up the organization’s time off (PTO) types. Employees can generate the requests themselves, and send them in for manager’s approval. The platform’s in / out board enables users to monitor who’s in or out, whether at their desk, or while on-the-go via mobile device.

IDEAblox saves all records and timesheets for 5 years, with bank level security using SSL encryption to create daily backups, never disclosing any data to third-parties.

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