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Time and attendance tracking for on-site and remote teams

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Time and attendance tracking for on-site and remote teams
TimeWorksPlus? TimeWorksPlus from SwipeClock provides multi-location businesses of any size with timekeeping and attendance tracking for on-site and remote employees. Features include timesheets, webclock, compliance management, mobile application, complete timecard history, geofencing, custom fields, and more.

TimeWorksPlus enables managers to review employee timecards and ensure payments are carried out correctly in accordance with actual hours worked. Additionally, employers can enforce break times and duration, control and restrict overtime, and automate paid time off (PTO), ensuring that employees are offered and utilize breaks and PTO, and are not exceeding overtime recommendations. With complete timecard history, businesses can provide proof when applying to government programs requiring such documentation to qualify for eligibility.

With the TimeWorksPlus webclock interface, employees can clock in and out as well as check schedules, manage time cards, request time off, and check PTO balance. Managers can then approve, modify, or deny requests as well as set custom time-off categories including sick leave, family leave, and vacation. This ensures all leave requests are categorized correctly in line with any allocated or accrued PTO. With geofencing capabilities, users can set and monitor employee location boundaries, enabling businesses with multiple locations and job sites to ensure employee movement is appropriate and timely to allocated jobs.

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