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The trusted text & email software to help your church thrive

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The trusted text & email software to help your church thrive
Text In Church? Text In Church is a web-based church communication software that helps busy church leaders spend less time managing tools and more time building relationships. The solution allows pastors to leverage technology to effectively communicate with church members and to follow up with first-time guests. Text In Church is a fully customizable solution that gives churches the option of communicating with their people with text messages or email. Users can also decide when and how often messages are sent out to church members and guests.

At Text in Church, we believe it should be easy to reach more people with technology. That’s why we built an easy-to-use tool that lets you engage people in a way that’s familiar to them… texting! More than 18,000 church leaders use our platform every week. That means we’ve helped countless people connect with their church in a simple, meaningful way.

Don’t waste resources on complicated tools that don’t work. And don’t waste your valuable time frustrated by a lack of connection and commitment from your church community. Instead, use a solution designed to help first-time guests come back, keep regular attendees informed, and encourage more people to grow in their faith.

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