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Technology In Advertising

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Technology In Advertising
With your current internet marketing, have you asked yourself any of the following?
+ Why can’t we measure or track ROI accurately?
+ Why is our competition eating our lunch in AdWords and SEO?
+ Why don’t I have reporting that explains both the past performance AND the plan for the future?
+ How do I get the latest marketing automation, tracking and testing technology in our landing pages?

If you’ve asked yourself these questions then let’s talk about the SearcherMagnet Agency Solution. Book some time with the founder directly – or shoot him an email [email protected] 
SearcherMagnet is a flexible, holistic, outsourced solution at a fair price
+ Your very own outsourced CMO with a digital marketing department
+ No annual contract, 1/10th the cost of in house solutions
+ A project/account management team excels at ACTIVE LISTENING for optimizations, market changes and enhancements
We are always looking for new problems to solve and clients that are a great fit. Especially if you want to talk search marketing, mar-tech, startups or the differences between pale, brown and red ales – just book some time @ or call the founder directly at 916-459-8626 .


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