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Teaching and learning collaboration for teachers & students

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Teaching and learning collaboration for teachers & students
Google Classroom? Google Classroom is a collaboration tool for educators to create assignments, provide feedback, and track student progress. Features include materials and resource organization, contacts database, originality reports, comments bank, locked mode, custom fields, permissions management, and more.

With Google Classroom, teachers can create, assign, and distribute coursework to students, providing consistency in content as well as ensuring all students have access to assignments when not in the classroom. Teachers can issue grades on submissions and the platform’s comment bank enables teachers to give common feedback quickly. Additionally, teachers can provide custom feedback as well as collaborate with other teachers, with a record of all feedback and grades stored for future reference and progress tracking.

Google Classroom originality reports feature enables teachers and students to scan submissions for matching text on the web. The reports highlight any high similarity in submissions, missing citations, ineffective paraphrasing, or unintended plagiarism. This enables teachers to provide feedback to enhance students’ academic authenticity and integrity and also provides students with the opportunity to edit coursework before final submission.

With Google Classroom, teachers can store classroom resources and materials as well as student grades and progress reports. Additionally, details of students, guardians, and co-teachers can be managed and accessed according to specified permissions. With the locked mode feature, teachers can assign quizzes to students, providing them with a locked domain for completing the quiz, preventing any access to other sites. Additionally, other applications are disabled, including extensions and keyboard shortcuts, enabling students to complete quizzes without distractions or interruptions.

Google Classroom integrates with many other third party learning and education platforms for digital literacy, creativity, coding & computer science, languages, arts and culture, and more.

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