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Standard operating procedure (SOP) software

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Standard operating procedure (SOP) software
TouchStone? TouchStone is a cloud-based process development and management solution which is designed to help small businesses manage their standard operating procedures (SOPs). The software offers process documentation templates, custom forms, linking to organizational charts, file uploads, completion status color-coding, and more.

With TouchStone, users can develop and organize processes through the drag-and-drop interface. Standardized templates and tools include hyperlinks to connect to external websites or other parts of TouchStone, and all tools support both text and images. Users can create scripts, work plans, checklists, custom forms, policy notes, and a dynamic organization chart with positions which can be linked to job descriptions with a single click. Operating manuals are created for each position, and org charts can be exported in multiple formats.

Through TouchStone’s control panel, users can complete, follow, and track processes. Copies of process tools are automatically created for users to work on. Completed process tool copies are archived by date, and users can search for completed documentation and run reports for managers’ reviews. Management reviews enable the evaluation of employees’ work, allowing managers to identify issues and take corrective actions when processes are not being followed, such as reworking processes or retraining staff.

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