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Reference checking and talent feedback for recruiters

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Reference checking and talent feedback for recruiters
Vitay? Vitay is a reference checking and talent feedback platform for staffing and recruitment firms, employers, and background screening companies. Vitay can send multiple reference requests to candidates and referees can provide feedback for review directly through the Vitay platform.

Vitay can request references for bulk lists of candidates at once and the question sets sent to referees can be tailored to reflect the specifics of the role. Notifications of reference requests are sent out via email or text to candidates and referees. Reminders are automatically sent to candidates if they have not completed referral requests. The references received are digitally compiled into a secure database and analyzed to produce multi-point analytics and insight into each candidate. PDF and Excel reports are generated from the references to provide insights into candidates suitability.

Vitay includes a talent feedback tool for new hires and managers to provide an evaluation on their experience through the recruiting process. New hires can provide feedback through automated first week, month, and quarter checkin surveys to evaluate their fit and suitability for their new role. Managers and supervisors of new hires can evaluate performance, quality, and fit for the role, onboarding issues, and exit insight. Vitay creates passive leads through automated lead generation messages. The messages are sent to each referee once they have completed the candidate references requested, providing the opportunity for Vitay users to pitch their companies services.

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