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Pre-employment testing & applicant ranking for HR teams

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Pre-employment testing & applicant ranking for HR teams
HireScore? HireScore is an applicant ranking solution for HR teams with pre-employment testing, candidate tracking, safety compliance management, and more. With the aim of helping businesses of all sizes to make intelligent hiring decisions, HireScore uses smart assessment technology to rank candidates based on their aptitude to the advertised role.

In addition to tracking applications, Hirescore also provides a ranking of each candidate based on their skills, experience, and characteristics, in order to help HR teams and management to select the best candidate. The dashboard view provides a leaderboard of applicants based on ranking, and sorts by statuses such as ‘not recommended’, ‘pending’, and ‘recommended’, with green color coding for the overall highest ranking applications. Users can filter the leaderboard view by display type or status type and leave notes, flag candidates, or sort based on specific criteria.

For improved security, HireScore has a comprehensive set of safety-focused measurement tools in place to assess and predict which applicants would be most of a risk in any scenario. The predictive ranking tool is also legally compliant with industry laws and provides legally defensible and validated candidate assessments.

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