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Online examination & certification software

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Online examination & certification software
GetCertified? GetCertified is an online examination & certification solution which includes automated test and answer generators, a certificate designer, reporting system, customizable branding, and a range of third party integrations. The software is suitable for use in the corporate sector, public sector, government, military, schools, colleges, universities, and more.

GetCertified organizes questions into question pools which are available only to their creator by default, but can be shared with other users. 8 question types are included, and users can control the frequency, difficulty, and points or penalties for each question. Pictures can be added to questions and answers, and users can also import questions from Excel files. The test generator automatically generates unique tests using the question pools, with users able to define test criteria in advance. Tests can also be created manually, and users can schedule tests, control the pass-fail border, and create custom certificates to be awarded for a pass grade.

GetCertified allows users to generate a range of reports to compare test scores between individuals, between groups, or comparing an individual’s performance to their group’s average. Question statistics can also be viewed, including the success ratio for individual questions, and data can be visualized in different chart types.

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