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Next-gen LMS optimized for mobile and distributed workforce

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Next-gen LMS optimized for mobile and distributed workforce
Learner Mobile? Learner Mobile is a mobile training app for any size company that needs to push training and microlearning content to a distributed workforce. Employees are able to keep important training concepts, ideas, strategies and tips close at hand in order to apply the information while working on a project, on the road, onsite or off site. Companies can organize training content by #trends, summaries, models and tips, and instantly push the latest updates, watch-outs and fresh ideas through videos and notifications that workers can access at any time.

Organizations can add and update content through the built-in content management system, and keep training fresh with new content summaries and resources that can be updated at any time. Learners can access key strategies via a loaded newsfeed that scrolls through content based on popularity, sharing timely information such as success stories, how-to videos, sales techniques, best practices, and more. Users can highlight things they like by clicking the bright idea lightbulb on any post.

Learner Mobile’s info section allows users to quickly access all #trends and channels, providing a way to explore what’s popular by clicking on a hashtag to view content related to that trend. Channels group together specific types of content, such as the ‘Quick Ref’ channel that houses all how-to guides and videos.

The awards section is where workers are recognized for their training achievements with flexible ‘up-to-you’ award functionality which celebrates users for anything from mastering a competency, acing a quiz, or for putting best practices in action. Users can also click on the smiley face to congratulate someone for a job well done.

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