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Modular, cloud-based recruiting suite

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Modular, cloud-based recruiting suite
softfactors? softfactors is a cloud-based recruiting suite which combines modules for applicant tracking, prescreening, and candidate assessment. softfactors’ tools measure both the hard and soft skills of applicants, and automatically match candidates to open positions.

Candidates are not required to login to complete their job application through softfactors, and are guided through the application process in a sequence of structured, self-explanatory steps. The assessment process is designed to be fully completed within 45 minutes, and tests 25 competencies with up to 15 assessment instruments available. The layout and branding of the application process can be customized for each job.

softfactors automatically compares candidate profiles with predefined job requirements using its matching algorithm. Soft-factor, hard-factor, and overall fit are compared. Users are then provided with a visual ranking of all candidates, allowing them to select which to invite for interview. Applicants are also automatically provided with feedback once they have completed the application process, with insight into their evaluations, and an overview of their personality profile.

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