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Intra-social employee recognition & points-based rewards

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Intra-social employee recognition & points-based rewards
Benefit One? Benefit One is an intra-social employee recognition platform for mid to large-sized enterprise organizations looking to improve employee engagement through peer-to-peer recognition. Users can customize incentive achievements and offer unique, point-based awards for every level, as well as measure and visualize performance across the organization.

Benefit One helps organizations increase work motivation and achieve long-term employee engagement by allowing colleagues to recognize one another through features including badges, points, and meaningful messages. Organizations can customize their point-based program with unique criteria, and allow employees to collect and redeem points for a variety of items and services.

Members are able to create and personalize their employee profile and add a photo, as well as view their personal performance charts and accumulated points online. Colleagues are able to see all peer-to-peer recognition via the timeline, as well as add comments and likes to meaningful messages, view employee birthdays, get news updates, and more.

Managers and employees can get a breakdown of engagement and performance based on point accumulation through visual graphs and analytics in order to analyze key talent across the organization. Benefit One is a cloud-based tool accessible via any desktop or mobile device for peer-to-peer recognition from anywhere, at any time.

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