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Human resource management (HRM) solution

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Human resource management (HRM) solution
Altamira Employees? Altamira Employees is a human resource management (HRM) solution designed to help businesses find and hire candidates, manage employee data and documents, and create organizational charts and reports. Managers can plan corporate training, create internal competency maps, structure the employee evaluation processes, and record attendance and absences.

With the Altamira employee database, HR professionals can access personnel data such as contact information, compensation, benefits, work history, skill sets, and vacation time from a centralized platform. Users can configure the database, which is split into subdivisions with customizable fields, enabling users to determine the information recorded for each worker. The self-service portal helps to accelerate the onboarding process by allowing employees to enter and update their personal data and documents as well as track remaining vacation time and accepted absences.

Altamira’s document management tools enable HR professionals to import and store all employee records, such as contracts, payslips, photos, certificates, and CVs. Users can search and filter documents, set deadlines and expiry dates, save favorite searches, receive automatic notifications, and set access permission controls. Businesses can also export employee information into organizational charts that offer managers increased visibility across the organization while allowing them to track career histories, training, promotions, and responsibilities.

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