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Hosted course authoring & learning management system

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Hosted course authoring & learning management system
Udutu LMS? The Udutu LMS is a web-based learning management system (LMS) which enables users to create courses, distribute training, track assessments, and more. Ability to easily upload (or create) and track various training activities directly in the LMS such as quizzes, documents, PowerPoints and videos. Integration with PayPal allows users to sell tuition credits to learners from directly within the LMS, and users can set the price of each activity or course.

Low-cost monthly subscription model based on active users (users who have actively logged into the LMS in a given month) starting at $3 per active user and lower with annual memberships and increased number of users.

The course authoring tool enables users to create online courses without requiring any programming skills, with pre-designed templates and multimedia support. Case studies, branching simulations, interactive quizzes and complex assessments can be added into courses, and all major sound, graphic, and video formats are supported and automatically optimized. All courses exported from the course authoring tool are SCORM compliant, and can be integrated into the Udutu LMS or any other SCORM-compliant system. Pre-existing SCORM-compliant courses can also be uploaded into the Udutu LMS from other sources.

Udutu LMS can be configured to reflect different organization structures, and users can create learning paths or curriculums for specific roles or custom groupings. Training can be offered as blended learning paths incorporating meetings, tasks, and exercises, alongside online courses and assessments. The LMS and course interfaces can be customized with different fonts, color schemes, logos, and custom layouts.

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