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Feedback based employee performance & engagement software

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Feedback based employee performance & engagement software
Synergita? Synergita is a feedback based employee performance and engagement platform that enables organizations to automate the entire appraisal process and manage employee performance. The platform includes the tools for goals management, continuous and 360 degree feedback, periodic check-ins, employee development, and automated analytics.

Synergita enables organizations to define goals at both individual employee levels, as well as team goals, and include them to the goals library. Users can also cascade/align goals with those of their managers or department heads. As employees update their personal achievements, organizations gain a better understanding of the organization’s overall performance, and help managers track progress. A group of reviewers can be selected to provide feedback for goals. Scores are calculated based on grade scales and weightage settings.

Continuous feedback functionality allows team members to receive feedback and appreciation at anytime, and helps increase collaboration between managers and employees. Users can maintain confidential notes on team members, managers, and peers, and control who can provide feedback to whom. Synergita’s 360 degree feedback tool enables users to build questionnaires using drag & drop, and create custom templates for each employee. Users can get an organization-wide analysis of scores to identify strengths and areas for improvement.

Synergita supports employee development by capturing individual training needs which can be requested by employees during performance review sessions. Managers can also recommend training courses based on each individual’s assessment, either for a current or future role, and pull reports on the various needs of employees. The platform provides a dashboard with widgets for detailed insights and graphical views of employee goals, performance and growth, feedback cycles, as well as employee distribution across the organization.

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