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Enterprise mentorship platform

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Enterprise mentorship platform
Together Corporate Mentorship? Together Corporate Mentorship is an enterprise mentorship platform which enables companies of all sizes to implement best-practice workplace mentorship programs for employees using a range of online tools including registration management, scheduling, pairing, development management, reporting, and more. Together supports a low-friction workflow, allowing users to work through the tools they already use everyday, such as their email and calendar.

Together provides a complete enterprise mentorship solution, enabling users to manage the entire mentorship program online, from registration to reporting. Together’s registration management tools allow users to collect important employee information through research-backed questions and a simple tagging process, capturing the specific goals, strengths, areas for development, personal interests of employees, and more. With this information, users can make appropriate or relevant mentor and mentee pairings. Together can pair employees at scale based on the unique matching requirements.

Together supports calendar integration which facilitates scheduling processes. Scheduling tools allow users to track when mentors and mentees meet, as well as automatically schedule any new sessions. Together also supports development management tools which provide mentees with tailored advice on how to the make the most of each mentorship session. A pre-session email serves to remind pairings of who they are meeting. Automated follow-up emails are designed to record mentorship progress. Together records all platform interactions, enabling HR teams to report on and gain insight into mentorship program performance.

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