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Enterprise-level reporting tools for colleges & universities

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Enterprise-level reporting tools for colleges & universities
Argos Reporting Software? Evisions Argos is an enterprise reporting solution that has been designed specifically for deployment within the higher education sector, catering to colleges and universities. The cloud-based software facilitates the running of ad-hoc queries to more sophisticated real time analytics and dashboard creation, with no additional tools or middle layer required. Providing an intuitive UI with a drag and drop report designer, Argos also supports the familiar SQL insert, update, and delete operations necessary to delivering the insights associated with making data-driven decisions.

Argos is built around the construct of DataBlocks, instantiated by authorized power users designated as DataBlock Designers. Report Writers are then able to create and modify their own reports via access to existing DataBlocks, with each DataBlock able to answer the needs of multiple report requirements to promote reuse and reduce development time. Operating within a clutch of user types, Report Viewer users are then capable of viewing created reports within the system with read only access to OLAP (Online Analytical Processing) data cubes and dashboards. A dedicated, connected CO-OP community then feeds into the Argos infrastructure to provide wider sharing among users, while data export options support a range of standard file formats including CSV, PDF, HTML, XLS, RTF and XML. Optional modules then provide more advanced features to extend the system’s standard report styles and functionality, such as the addition of interactive chart visualizations within dynamic real time dashboards. Extra chart types including bar graphs and pie charts can be made interactive to provide data drill downs for deeper user analysis, while centralized inbound / outbound data connectivity, OLAP cubes and the Argos API add further flexibility.

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