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Employee computer & internet monitoring software

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Employee computer & internet monitoring software
Work Examiner? Work Examiner is a computer and internet monitoring software which enables businesses of any size to track employee work time usage and control their web usage with features such as website tracking, real-time desktop screenshots, web filtering, PC tracking, keylogging, email recording technology, and more. Work Examiner installs a client-server app into the corporate environment which runs silently in the background of the employee’s computer to track hours spent on apps and websites, and give users detailed reports and data.

Work Examiner’s internet monitoring software is designed to enhance computer surveillance to prevent critical data leaks, as well as to increase employee productivity and efficiency by providing users with information on who is staying focused, and who is spending too much time on social media sites. Website tracking technology gives a comprehensive view of employee activity on the internet, providing information such as website address visited, date of access, and amount of active/idle time spent on the site. Work Examiner can also track Google search requests and file downloads, plus export web usage data to PDF, XLS and other formats for further analysis.

Work Examiner allows users to obtain employee desktop screenshots in real time and in recorded playback mode, as well as build their own web filtering policy by deciding which sites to block or how much free time to allow employees per day. Email notifications alert users if an employee attempts to access any prohibited site. Summary computer usage reports and scheduled reports give users quick and actionable insight into employee internet activity. Other Work Examiner features include email recording and instant messaging capturing.

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