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Custom branded web-based learning management system

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Custom branded web-based learning management system
Wisetail LMS? Wisetail’s LMS is a cloud-based learning management system (LMS) offering tools for course authoring, learning path creation, assessment, certification, peer recognition, gamification, feedback collection, communication, reporting, and more. The system can be used across a range of industries, but is particularly suited for use in restaurants, to manage onboarding, deliver training, and monitor compliance.

Wisetail’s LMS includes a built-in course authoring tool, which allows users to create custom courses, modules, and learning paths, and a test builder which can be used to create quizzes and assessments. The system name, login page, and branding of Wisetail’s LMS are fully customizable, providing each company with a unique system interface personalized to match their organization’s branding. Users can also customize the thumbnail for each course or module. Learners can ‘like’ and rate courses, and further feedback on learning materials can be collected through surveys and polls.

Community and gamification elements are built into Wisetail’s LMS, including achievement badges, leaderboards, conversation widgets, user and community profiles, announcements, and more. Users can also receive recognition messages from their peers or managers, for their achievements, progress, or to thank them for their contribution. The dashboard allows users to track learning progress, logins, contributions, recognitions, and more, with system vitals, exception reports, user transcripts, activity reports, and visual reporting elements.

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