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Collect employee feedback automatically and continuously

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Collect employee feedback automatically and continuously
VibeCatch? VibeCatch is a new generation HR tool helping you to move from long once per year surveys to frequent and light polling. You’ll get results that are more up to date enabling you to better react in time when there’s trouble. Once you create your polls the only thing you need to do is to read through the feedback you get and react to it accordingly. VibeCatch will take care of collecting the data for you.

You can create your polls either completely by yourself or use ready made questions to measure specific engagement drivers. You can also add custom categorization questions so that you can see the results grouped by e.g. office locations, business unit or any other category important to you. Polls send out a question or questions on an interval you speficy.

VibeCatch analytics help you to dig deeper to the data and see trends and benchmark your teams against each other in your organization. You can spot potential trouble as early as possible and also identify which teams and managers require help or can act as examples of best practices. You get real time data and actionable feedback leaving you to what you do best: help people work better.

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