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Cloud-based, user-friendly, PEO-ready.

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Cloud-based, user-friendly, PEO-ready.
BiznusSoft HR? BiznusSoft HR is a smart, integrative HCM solution that provides you core functionalities for managing your time and people without issue. Change the way you track job postings, applicant information, and resumes using our all-inclusive recruitment management platform, and say goodbye to evaluating your existing team members only through standard means. With custom forms, you can allow for thorough, constructive evaluations, and cultivate collaboration and engagement among your team.

With a refined absence management system, you can set up flexible evaluation plans to support your company’s goals as you slash the time spent administering leave plans. You’ll also ensure time discipline, and ease attendance management with a central repository for all time logs.

You’ll operate with increased payroll visibility once you rid yourself of those spreadsheets and legacy systems and take on a centralized, more modern payroll system. With our benefits management platform, you can track company benefits and integrate with payroll to ensure all benefits are accounted for.

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