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Business management for home care & adult daycare providers

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Business management for home care & adult daycare providers
Carecenta? Carecenta is a business management software for home care, adult day care, and home infusion providers, offering users scheduling, billing, attendance management, HR, payroll, and compliance capabilities.

Carecenta automatically populates compliance records according to the specific regulations of each state, including immigration and background checks on employees. Automatic compliance monitoring allows advanced notification of out-of-compliance employees by email and text message. Multiple levels of security and role management give users control over who can access what data, and Carecenta also includes fraud prevention technologies.

Carecenta allows for the verification of employee attendance to appointments through both GPS tracking and a multilingual telephony system for employees to phone to clock in or clock out. Billing for all insurance companies is supported, as well as managed long-term care (MLTC) and Medicaid. Multiple invoice forms, including UB-04 and 1500-2012, can be created, and printed timesheets can also be attached to invoices.

Carecenta includes more than 150 real-time reports on scheduling, clients, employees, payroll, and billing, allowing users to see activity in real time. Staff can be notified of changes or critical issues en masse or individually, via phone, text message, or email. Secure in-office messaging and private texting are also included.

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