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360 degree feedback & assessment

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360 degree feedback & assessment
36 Dollar 360? 36 Dollar 360 is a 360 degree feedback and assessment tool for SMBs and teams within large organizations with features for creating and launching assessments, as well as collecting and analyzing results. With benefits such as single survey technology, mobile survey optimization, bulk upload of participants, customizable competency models, and results reporting, 36 Dollar 360 provides an all-in-one solution for creating, deploying and analyzing assessments within businesses or small teams.

In order to help businesses in generating customized 360 assessments, 36 Dollar 360 includes 10 built-in competency models based on the common responsibilities of 10 key positions at most businesses. Users can choose the competency model most suited to their needs, or mix and match universal competencies to create a personalized model. There is also the option to create a model entirely from scratch by adding custom competencies and questions. Each pre-built model provides a name and definition for each competency, as well as related questions for participants to answer.

The project dashboard guides users through setting up, launching, and managing a project including the process of adding participants, which can be done manually or through a bulk import using an Excel file template. Using drag and drop, administrators can assign raters to targets with rater groups divided into four categories; direct reports, peers, managers, and others/customers. Participants, both raters and targets, are kept informed throughout the assessment process with customizable email templates which are automatically sent as results come in.

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